Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Gifts

I have a Birthday on Thursday of this week. My mailbox has been filed with interesting coupons in honor of that day. I am on the mailing lists of these companies and regularly get their coupons year round. I have included the web sites so that your mailbox can get these too. You may have to be registered with them well in advance to get these coupons, but if you do not make the cut this year your birthday will come around again.

I will admit right up front not all of these are exactly gifts, but better described as good coupons. All were coupons received in email within the past week or so. Since the teenagers in our home are working three counties away I think there will be some great suppers soon with minimal additional purchase.

Free Entrees (I use the term loosely.)
www.Qdoba.com offers a free burrito or other entree with the purchase of one.
www.Unos.com for dine-in only an Individual Deep Dish Pizza, a Flatbread Pizza or entree (no additional purchase noted)
www.redrobin.com has a Gourmet Burger awaiting me (no additional purchase noted)
www.noodles.com has a free entree up to $7.50 (no additional purchase noted)

Free deserts with the purchase of an entree at all of these:

Other offers:
www.einsteinbros.com wants to give me a free bagel & shmear (no additional purchase necessary)
www.dairyqueen.com will give me a free 16 oz Blizzard Treat with the purchase of one
www.GoodTimesBurgers.com is a buy a small Spoonbender and get one free

Non-Food items (sort of)
www.tonysmarket.com (Denver area) $5 coupon
www.sephora.com free gift (This year it a trio of lip gloss I really like.)
www.macys.com sent me a $10 off $30 purchase coupon.

Snail Mail brought:
www.BeauJos.com $10 coupon, Colorado, great pizza

All of these offers have time limits on them the most is a month the least 3 days, the bulk of the offers run about 7-10 days. I think I may hang up my pots and pans this week and take advantage of these offers.

I am sure that there are more offers like these out there. I invite you to let me know about them.

Remember to keep an eye on your emails to receive useful coupons. I downloaded several other ones that I may well use this week too.