Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grocery Store Difference

Recently, I have started to shop at Sunflower Markets more often. It certainly changes the way that you think about cooking. To be successful here you must cook not just reheat. OK they have some heat and serve available and they are tasty.

In the past, I did not think about preparing vegetables as part of the meal. I checked to see what was frozen in the freezer. This week I looked at Italian Squash and thought about how to cook with it. It appears to be in the Zucchini family. I will be making a small casserole from it. Eggplant was also on sale. I can smell the Eggplant Parmigiana now. These can be frozen or portioned out for lunches.

Salads are a regular part of dinner since the makings are often on sale. Looking beyond the Iceberg Lettuce there are a lot of bargains out there with a variety of Romain often on sale for as little as dollar a head.

I buy the best meat that I can afford. I do this by making red meat a smaller portion of the meal than I may have in the past. Sliders have become a big hit in my family. A pound of hamburg makes 8 burgers. I keep frozen bread dough rolls on hand. The toppings make the burgers, the salad is on the plate a different way and a little great cheese goes a long a way. Roasted root vegetables round out this meal.

Cooking does not have to be hard but it is thoughtful. The cash in your pocket will make the difference.

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