Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Procrastination Can Be Expensive

I often wonder why it seems that doing anything but the priorities on my list, look like more inviting tasks. It creates all sorts of problems.

The forgotten birthday card to your mother-in -law will involve a lot of Tylenol.

Deciding not to go to the store on Monday when it is sunny, will either get you wet in Tuesday's rain or the grapes will cost a dollar more a pound on Wednesday.

You might as well pick up the poster boards now because it will be a Sunday evening when your child needs one for the term project, due Monday, that he remembered 10 minutes ago.

All of us know that that the meal still in the freezer as dinner time approaches creates a problem. Microwave thawed chicken parts are not as tasty and that hamburg is going to need a lot of coaxing to become patties. Once in a while you can get away with pulling out a jar of spaghetti sauce and with salad fixings the family might think you planned it. How often is it tempting to just hit the drive thru or holler out for pizza? The lesson: timely defrosting.

Now for fifteen more things that will cost you money if you postpone doing them.
1. Returning rental movies or library books late.
2. Paying a bill late.
3. Store bought cupcakes are more expensive than home made ones.
4. Fixing the car's oil leak now and not replacing the engine later.
5. Keep a filled water bottle with you rather than buy a fountain drink when you are out.
6. Packing your lunch will save you later in the day.
7. Book as hotel as soon as you know you need one, gives you more choices and maybe less expensive.
8. Set the coffee pot up before you go to bed, then you can take it with you rather than wait in line for a more expensive one.
9. Wear you new shoes around the house on the carpet to be sure they feel good, if not no scuffs on the soles makes for a much easier return.
10. Before hitting the new book store, check out a used book store. Go with a list of what you want.
11. Check batteries in flashlights and radios often for charge and corrosion.
12. Start you seedlings for your garden. $3 of seeds will give you a lot more plants than you can buy for that later.
13. Check your tires. Proper inflation gives better gas mileage.
14. Buy extra 'Forever' postage stamps now before the rates go up this Spring.
15. Admit it, you are now eligible for senior citizens discounts, use that to your advantage.

Being Prepared can reduce your stress and maybe save you a little money.

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