Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Lifetime of Love

Book Sneeze: An Amish Love
An Amish Love is a wonderful trilogy of love stories by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Long. Long and Fuller’s writing styles are virtually identical which lead to a near seamless transition between the first two novellas. That both are stories about young love adds to the flow. Wiseman takes a somewhat different topic on of renewed love and does it with a slightly different style, equally enjoyable.
An Amish Love will want you to visit if not move to the charming town of Paradise Pennsylvania. In the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country this town provides the perfect setting for the Amish way of life and their English counterparts. The main characters on all three stories are Amish at heart. Each has a mending of the heart to tend to and although the women are the stronger characters in the tales they each need the love of a good man to complete their heart. Love and forgiveness play starring roles in each of the characters. Indecision, the melding of old ways with the new and well meaning friends and family all provide for entertaining conflict on each page.
This is a wonderful book to learn a little more of the Amish lifestyle and how it has evolved. It also provides a platform for understanding that some things are permanent and some things are best left in the past. There is a sub context that the things that are left behind still make up the person and life becomes what you want to make of it. The strong work ethic characteristic of the Amish is present here not just in the labor force but in labors of the heart.
This is a book well worth your time. Be sure to pocket a few tissues as reading through your own tears becomes difficult at times. The three couples are well characterized and believable. They will take your heart away.
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