Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring and My CSA

I am so waiting for Spring. I am looking forward to planting the veggie garden and watching it grow. Even more I can hardly wait for the first of the harvest. The early green make my mouth water just thinking about them. The sad thing is that there is never enough from the garden to make me happy.
I did some thing about that this year I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Some of you may remember that Art and I belonged to one several years ago. The produce was great but the weekly haul up to Boulder was not the best part of our Saturdays. We found that Miller Farms is at the weekly farmer's Market in Old Town. I love their produce, it comes from their farm in Platteville. We often went during their sale time and brought several bags of produce home each Sunday. What fun it was to plan meals around the fresh
This year we will return to the Old Town Farmer's Market in Arvada and continue to get our produce from Miller Farms. This time it will be through their CSA. We bought a full share. We will get fresh from the farm produce for 18 weeks and have access to their harvest days with more produce in the fall. The great thing about this CSA is that it not only has great quality but it is convenient.Unless I find a reason to wander around in Old Town, we can be
back home in under 30 minutes. Furthermore, I know that I will not end up with a bag full of things the family will not eat, (we are not big Kale fans for instance.) You get to choose from what they have brought to sell that day so if you do not like squash get some more tomatoes.
You might want to check out the CSA at Miller Farms yourself. They sell at most if not all of the local farmer's markets up and down the Front Range and even out I-70 from Evergreen to Vail. If you choose to get a share be sure to list me as the one who referred you.
I am so very much looking forward to this summer's CSA. I know that it is going to be great.

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