Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Organization Can Be a Gift

I have never been known to be neat or organized in general, but parts of my life have been at times. Sometimes, it is because an endeavor is new and there is not much to keep track of and other times because I need to find something. Well there is now a third way, when you are forced to pack stuff up quickly a slow unpack can help.

The sewing room was packed up quickly a few weeks ago due to plumbing problems. Since that time I have been slowly reorganizing and sorting as I unpack. There is some stuff that I have not seen in years. Some of it has gone, other things are inspiring new projects. The sewing room is taking on some new purposes.

Art and I do a podcast on Geocaching. See for more information. Each podcast we do takes a modest amount of time to set the equipment up in Studio D (the dining room table.) We all know that time is money so I need to clear space to have a new Studio D (D for Den this time.)

The pack up fast episode also had me moving some of my pantry out of the laundry room. I have now begun to realize that there is stocking up and there is non-sense. My family will eat soup once a month. So why do I have 40+ cans of soup? I have also begun to make homemade soup more often than not, it is greatly preferred. The question becomes where to store excesses like this. My pantry has shown me that I have a lot of good intentions, I just need more focus.

The current project is organization. It is accompanied by a notebook to keep track of the projects and plans for life in our household. I believe this will assist us in saving more money and other resources in the future.

So tell me how are you planning life in the future?

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