Monday, May 4, 2009

What 2 Weeks Can Do

Yesterday I blogged about part of what happened last week but I failed to tell you why.

Two weeks ago when I realized that for the most part my teenagers will be gone for the summer I started to think about what to accomplish this year. We have an out of commission 3/4 bath downstairs, that has been for over 5 years. I had taken to using this room as a closet as all the fixtures and flooring had been removed. It bothered me every time I saw it.

I had that talk with my darling hubby about fixing the eyesore and having a basement bathroom back again. Knowing that the drain there always ran slow, that was to be the first task for a plumber. Read yesterday's post under to see that a slow drain became replacing all below ground piping in the house.

This weekend we revisited the talk about that bathroom. I realize that since last week's project was not inexpensive it likely will not happen soon. With this knowledge in hand I am not going to make the error I did before by turning it into a closet. Only the parts that will eventually make it a bathroom are allowed there. What do you know, we will end up cleaning out a portion of the garage!

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