Sunday, May 3, 2009

There Are Downfalls

This past week I had the misfortune to have a terrible cold. It was one of those colds that you do not want to touch anything that the rest of the family is going to use, for fear of infecting them, much less cook for them. The problem has come in the preparation of fresh foods for each meal.

In the past I have had a freezer full of quick to reheat meals for a variety of reasons. But in the efforts to cook more and fresh I had abandon that idea. I found that I really enjoy my cooking and need to preserve more of it for times being under the weather. In the past week not only were the meals poor imitations of what I would have presented they cost a small fortune. My loved ones are not able to replicate what I cook.

Several nights were devoted to take out. I often find it too salty for my taste. The Manicotti from Costco was good but pretty pricey. Canned soup and sandwiches is usually a fail unless there is great desperation.

I guess I have now learned that I need to Invest in meals for my freezer. A day or two of Investment Cooking is a good investment in my family.

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