Monday, January 11, 2010

My Own Food

A little over four months go I decided that I would work hard to make as as possible from scratch to feed my family. Already Art and I have heavily invested in gardening. We enjoyed fresh salads and veggies most of the summer. These were supplemented by occasional visits to the Farmer's Markets. We canned and froze fruits and veggies from these sources for the winter as well. I know that we do not have enough until next harvest but it is a start.

Four months ago I decided that the bakery aisle was not a market destination and I began baking up a storm. Baking at 5500 foot altitude can be a challenge but I am learning. In this time there has been a mountain of goodies that have marched out of the oven and my bread machine. At times I used to look at baking as a really big production. It need not be. Planning is the key element. Plan by both the ingredients and where you are putting the freshly baked goods as well. Since there are a limited number of cookies left cooling on the counter there are actually some for lunches. I figured out how many to make to be sure that I have a weeks' worth.

The bread machine has been getting quite a work out. I even broke one and now have the Cuisinart Convection bread machine. It is wonderful. keeping ingredients available here is important as well. I have invested in large bags of bread flour and yeast. The restaurant service supply store was a source for containers for them. The biggest trick is making sure that there is enough bread for sandwiches. If I fail to cut the needed slices off of a loaf ready for dinner I am sunk for the next day. There are times that there are two loaves made in a day and all are happy since the house smells heavenly.

The reasoning behind making more edibles from scratch as come from all of the recall notices that seem to march across the newscasts on a regular basis. I know that I cannot get away from all of them this way but I am trying. My best method seem to be, to attempt to buy local.

As the day's bread is baking I am thinking of the garden to come and the security I am feeling envelop me.

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