Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Organizing to Save Money

The last time you cleaned out the refrigerator, did you find food that you remember putting in there but had not thought of since? The leftovers from last week that you looked forward to having for lunch that are now an odd color and not so appetizing. Yes you kick yourself as you toss the plastic boxed contents in the garbage.

Do similar situations happen all over the house? Maybe they do not need the trash can but you duplicated efforts needlessly. It is likely that you have bought a paperback, magazine or CD more than once because you forgot you already had it, or figured it must be gone for some reason. Then there is the set of bed linens you were gifted that have hidden themselves away in the dark recesses of the closet. Hidden until you bring home a new set from the White Sale at which point they seem to fall out at your feet.

Inventory is the answer although you may not like the answers that it gives you. Last fall I found I have over 12 dozen candles put away for the blinding snow storm that takes the power down for several days. We are going to start using cloth napkins someday, I have 30+ of them. The family need not worry, I have enough cold and flu medicine to last well into the summer for all of us.

The current project, as I attempt to organize and purge from my stashes of stuff, is to inventory as well. Ideally, I will get the inventory into my iTouch so that I will know if that bargain I see is worth it to me or just going to take up precious space in my home. The project should not only save money but time in the long run. I will not need to cut coupons for things I have an abundance of and I should be able to locate needed items faster as well. Besides this is going to assist in getting ready for the biggest garage sale I have ever done.

I will keep you posted on how this is going and how adapting this mindset is helping the pocketbook. Besides with the treasures I find, it may end up being like Christmas everyday!

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