Friday, January 29, 2010

Make It New Weekend

Looking around my home I have some great things that I never use or wear anymore. They need to be fixed. Make this a FOR You weekend and Fix Or Repair the things you already have and love.

Check out your closet. Do you need to sew on a button? Here is a video from to show you how

This is the weekend to finally change the burnt out light bulb in your closet. Set out that step stool and get to it. Consider using a CFL bulb to save energy in the long run and to keep from having to do the job again soon as these have a longer life. In a tight space consider using a compact CFL. there are even great options for fancier dining room lights, check them out at the local home improvement store. Here is a link to coupons to get you started from GE.

Give yourself the freedom to move the sofa. We know that it is only in that odd spot to cover up a stain in the carpet. The folks at RealSimple have some ideas on how to rid of them. Give it a try you might like the sofa in a spot where you can actually see the TV.

When all of this is done enjoy the wealth of your weekend and the new-old things that you can enjoy. Let me know what you want to Fix Or Repair next time.

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